Our nursery room caters for children from 6 weeks to 2 years of age, the room has an adjoining sleep room and kitchenette to assist educators to accommodate the individual routines of children attending in this room. We understand that for some children their routine can change on a day to day basis and our educators work with families to meet the children’s individual needs.

The outdoor environment has recently been renovated and is set up to promote the children’s gross and fine motor skills and to enhance and support the children’s exploration of natural resources in the world around them. With a flexible play routine, the children are given the opportunity to move between the indoor and outdoor environments as they please, giving the children choice and ensuring children have access to outdoor play on a daily basis.

We encourage our families to have an orientation period before commencing care to further support children and families in building relationships with educators and assisting with the transition into regular care. Educators strive to build secure and trusting attachments with children and their families, cementing their sense of belonging within the service community.

In this age group children are exploring everything, from their fingers and toes to the movements, sounds and actions themselves and their bodies can make. Educators support these milestones with children and develop educational programs to support them to make these discoveries and achievements.

The educational program and environment accommodate for the various accessibility needs of children and infants at this age with a host of both floor and tabled activities. Educators will engage in warm and friendly interactions with children and support them through both planned and spontaneous teaching moments.

Throughout the year educators and children will engage in many learning  areas; exploring concepts of cause and effect, identity, sensory items; sounds, textures and visual props, gross motor movements, social interactions and the beginning of group interactions.

The service supplies children’s formula and our wonderful cooks provide a nutritious menu for breakfast, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. Each child is supplied with their own hat whilst in attendance at the service and sunscreen for outdoor play. We encourage families to pack multiple changes of weather appropriate clothing, to accommodate for accidents both food and toileting as well as messy play experiences.