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Meet Our Educators
  • Meet Our Staff

    With education and experience in early childhood care
    • Alicia
      Centre Director
    • Jodi
      Centre Chef / Assistant Director
    • Celeste
      Lead Educator
    • Holly
      Lead Educator
    • Kate
      Lead Educator
    • Vanessa
      Qualified Lead Educator & Educational Leader
    • Jenny
      Co Educator
    • Pancy
      Qualified Assistant Educator
    • Isabelle
      Qualified Educator
    • Sara
      Co Educator
    • Carel
      Kindergarten Teacher
    • Jo-Anne
      Multi Co Educator
    • Chloe
      Co Educator
    • Tenille
      Co Educator
    • Cass
      Lead Educator (Currently On Maternity Leave)
    • Lauren
      Lead Educator (Currently on Maternity Leave)
    • Chantelle
      Co Educator
    • Amy
      Co Educator
    • Giorgia
      Co Educator
    • Leonie
      Co Educator